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Actions taken & their outcomes

In the following questions, we are trying to find out and understand what actions people take when being targeted by these incidents, what kind of outcomes they expect, and what kind of outcomes they experience.

Which action(s) did you take after the incident? Please check all that apply.

What kind of evidence or proof of the incident(s) were you asked to provide?

What is the end result you wanted?

If you took action, briefly tell us about what happened after you took the above actions.

Please type “did not take action” if this question is not relevant.

How satisfied were you with the outcome of the action(s) you took? Please rate your level of satisfaction. Please rate only the action(s) that you took.

Completely Satisfied More than satisfied Satisfied Partly satisfied Not at all satisfied Not Applicable
Report on the platform
Contacted an NGO/Community organization
Contacted a counsellor or a helpline
Contacted a lawyer
Report to the police/CID
Reported to National Child Protection Authority (NCPA)
Reported to CERT (Computer Emergency Readiness Team)