Next Steps

Some steps you can take to find relief and/or redress

Different people want different kinds of redress and relief. You can consider the possibilities shared below and choose those that work best for you.

Take screenshots of everything and save the images securely. Screenshots are often requested as evidence when filing a formal complaint, reporting content for removal, etc.

Secure your devices (phones, laptops, smart devices, etc.) and email, social media and messaging accounts. Here is a resource in Tamil, Sinhala and English that could guide you.

Talk to a close friend / family member or a person you trust who can support you.

Reach out to a counsellor / counselling service that can provide support. Our list includes trusted counsellors and services you can contact. If you’d like to contact someone with experience in supporting LGBTIQ people, please reach out to us.

Fill out the Delete Nothing survey. This will enable you to document and download details of the incident, which you could take with you should you choose to approach an NGO or other organisation.

Approach an NGO that works on technology-related violence. Our list includes trusted NGOs who can support you in various ways including contacting companies to remove content, connecting you to legal and psychosocial support, liaising with the police, etc.

File a formal complaint with the police. If there are challenges around this, please reach out to an NGO from the list that can liaise on behalf of you.