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About this survey

What is Delete Nothing?

Delete Nothing is a trilingual web-based survey tool that aims to document instances of technology-related violence in Sri Lanka. We also provide resources that break down what technology-related violence can look like, ways of dealing with such violence, and links to support services. Delete Nothing refers to the importance of maintaining records of incidents of violence, for further action.

What does Delete Nothing hope to achieve?

Through this survey, we hope to identify the trends and patterns of technology related violence in order to build evidence to call for stronger social and legal responses from the government as well as social media platforms.We hope this will contribute towards justice for victims/survivors as well as holding perpetrators accountable.

Where will your information go?

This survey is anonymous. The collected data will be stored in a secure database and the screenshots will be stored only for a period of 12 months. The information will be analyzed by a social sciences researcher together with the Delete Nothing Team, for the above purposes. You can also download a copy of the information you’ve shared with us at the end of the survey, which can be used should you wish to take action.

Responsible data policy

The guidelines provided by The Engine Room’s “DatNav: How to navigate digital data for human rights research” are being used in order to ensure that the collection, analysis and publication of data is done in a responsible and ethical manner.